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We look straight down on Walt as he tumbles into frame, lying flat on his back on the floor. His eyes stare up at us, lifeless. And yet, his final expression is one of faint satisfaction.

We slowly crane up, up and away from him. Walt shrinks smaller and smaller in frame. Police Officers approach him now — four, six, eight of them. They move cautiously, their guns aimed.

They’re too late. He got away.

One year ago, the 29th of September, ‘Felina' aired making it the end of the 'Breaking Bad' series.

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Anna and Mr Bates, Series 2 (x)

Anna and Mr Bates, Series 2 (x)

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I wonder how Jesse Pinkman is doing

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Lookthey gave me a badge with my name on it in case I forget who I am. Very thoughtful as that does happen.

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is there anyone in the west virginia area that would be willing to take in a young LGBT kid getting away from an abusive home for a few days while the legal shit gets worked out

please i really really really need help even if its just a signal boost this is me fucking begging ple ase

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Everyone Is A Lady + The Hunger Games[insp]

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Oh my god!

Anna Bates


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